22 April 2012

* * *

as most of you know..

i have been making myself crazy
getting ready to head to austin texas

for the 

* * *

well the day has arrived !!


i am all packed and ready to head out

we are expecting a surprise
winter storm overnite..

6" of snow predicted...


and here i am trying to pull
out summer clothes as i hear the weather
is beautiful (and HOT)
in austin this time of year



it's a LONG drive
and i want to see some sights along the way..

my buddy suellyn is coming along..
so i'm heading away from the storm..
to her home in ohio...tonite

and we'll be on the road early in the morning !

* * * 

its a perfect
24 hour trip

cant wait,
i have never been to texas.
and havent been anywhere even in the vacinity
except for one trip
about 38 years ago
(of which i remember very little)

so i am greatly looking forward to it..

not to mention
the excitement of the
country living fair
which is always fabulous

* * *

so if any of you are coming to the fair,
please stop in and say hi,
introduce yourself

one of my favorite things about  traveling to shows
is meeting people i 'know' online.

 * * *
wish me luck !


Kim said...

May you have safety as you travel, an uneventful time setting up and many many sales!! I can't wait to see what all you have and hear all about the fair when you get home.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my word... I thought I had a long trip ahead. You win the prize my friend. I will have to keep and eye out for you and hope to find your booth. Happy and safe travels to y'all. See you soon!

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