15 April 2012

flea finds

* * * 

a quick post of pics
of my latest finds...

a bunch of misc stuff

awesome pink (my color !) lamp for the studio !
baskets for my booth,
mirror for booth

silver trays...old tool boxes.....always

and starting to collect old toy trucks for a Christmas project
(yes..us fleaers know to buy it while you can...plan ahead !) 

are these boots darling or what !! ?? might have to keep them..
you cant tell but they are child's size..
too freakin' cute !

these are little metal sign thingies..

they are PERFECT for my new 
crib rail display in my booth !!

(way more than i need...will be selling off some of them...

dont know what these are...all the same number..but cool and brass
they will become jewelry

this is a pin back...just loved her face ! 
i will be sporting this at shows...
just cracks me up...so happy to be at work !

more misc

 got about 4 bags full of old lace..

big plans for this coming soon

 bought 4 times what you see here...

this guy was loaded with vintage sewing stuff..

i always buy seam binding when i see it...
makes wonderful ribbon..

also bought about 60 old long long long zippers...
plans for them too...

pearls...always....just cause...

and silverware...always....just cause

loved this...bought it for the parts.
but cant seem to dismantle it...
may have to live with it for a while !!

i have been looking for one of these for a while now...
.they are usually disgusting if you can even find white..

this one was not too bad...and...it works !!!

for bird watching at the farmette

aladdin's lamp...already on my mantle...
a keeper
(at least for a while)

* * * 

well...that's just some of it...

too much to photograph...
i forget and put stuff away 

fun fun fun

one week's haul..
not too shabby..

gotta love a flea !


Debbie said...

Wow, looks like you hit the Mother Load!!
I love a good Flea find, you did great!!!
I really like the brass number tags, the I.D. badge and the crystal.

Thanks for sharing your treasures!!

Kim said...

I would just love to go fleaing with you. But I am afraid we would be fighting over every purchase!!!

Heather B said...

What Flea did you go to? You definitely got some awesome stuff!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

if you go back a couple posts...you can see ... http://www.junxtaposition.blogspot.com/2012/04/gettin-my-flea-on.html

rogers...in ohio....
and our local one....small, but always find something !

Jill said...

Great finds!! I drool when I find vintage sewing supplies!

kimmykats said...

great haul....hopefully you get to do a little shoppingin Texas!! Have a great trip!

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