14 May 2012

austin booth set up

* * *

country living fair austin

juNxtaposition booth

quick little post 
to show you my 
booth at the fair

there was a little snaffoo
on my booth location

although i planned for a 10 x 10 spot
i ended up with a double booth
quite by accident

i was unprepared for that much space,
but it just turned out nice, light
and spacious 

i recently bought this great antique
iron crib to use as a display

the springs worked perfectly for my earring cards
and the rail for my new religious necklaces

i brought my tent frame since i usually dont do indoor shows
and dont have any 'pipe and drape' .

i bought curtains to hang from my frame
and tulle to hang as a ceiling..

it turned out very cozy..
(but with the extra booth, 
i had to rent 
pipe and drape anyway !)

my paint can displays were getting old
so i made new ones for this season

covered perfectly with
some lace i found at the flea
already aged to perfection !


i had enough space to use my new
print display racks
that i showed you months back
which i purchased at the 're-store'

brand new in the box !!
perfection for my matted prints !

all in all it wasnt too bad
considering i only brought enough for a 10 x 10

it turned out to be a very lucky
as it was very light were i was,
and many sections of the barn
were dark

however, i was in the middle row
and lots of people said they 'missed' me..
(anne ?)

they need to tweak the layout a bit for next year !

 most customers probably dont realize how much we
as vendors agonize about our booths

we work really hard to come up with great displays
not only to attract people, 
but to give an overall great ascetic to the show

especially a show like county living !

it's not always easy...10 x 10 is a really hard space to set up in
and allow for customers to walk around
(especially with strollers !)

and we try to be somewhat different form everyone else,
and different from ourselves the year before..

not always so easy !

the pink ruffles are my trademark
when you see them
you know it's me...

stop by and say hello !!!

* * *


Kim said...

Looks great and I am sure you had so much fun. I would love to have been there.

hopeandjoyhome said...

Too cool! I like the repurposed crib and are those old lampshade frames the necklaces are hanging off? Very pretty! It would be stressful to stretch to a double space but I guess better than thinking you had a double and arriving to find a single!

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