16 May 2012

a little more

* * *

you know i have a little more
to show you from the
country living fair
in austin

perhaps my favorite section of the show
was what they called
the 'pickers market'

it was in the other end of the barn
the sides were open there,
so a nice breeze blew through all the time

 and personally i think that some of the best
vendors were set up there

mostly large stuff..that was the idea...
but the kind of 'junk' i like best


now for some random leftovers

this was the line...just to show it WAS crowded a bit..

they filmed right next to my booth..

but gee..they couldnt have turned her around
so juNxtaposition 
would have been in the background @*&&^%0??????

dont know where these guys came from
but certainly cool

and a just wonderful group of friends to 
travel and hang with

love you guys !

i think that's about it for the show..

i have some travel pics i'll add when i get a chance...
the ride there was also a good time !

i'm off to philly this weekend
for the
9th street market italian festival

did someone say 'roadtrip'?


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