18 May 2012

did someone say road trip ?


i took soooo many pictures on this trip 
that i will never have the time to sort them all out...

so this is just a smattering..
(is that a word?)

of randomness that i took during the trip

love me some bridge shots !


one of the things i found fasinating about nashville
was the juxtaposition of the old and the new architecture

and OMG
boot heaven
everywhere you turn in 
nashville !

well..these were exactly what i wanted

oh...except for the price 
which was over $600 !!

haha..just a tad out of my budget !

country music hall of fame

more old and new

bars and boot shops 
thats all you see !!

will sing for boots..gotta love it !

this acme farm supply building was for sale

oh what i could do with this...

crazy crazy juxtaposition

new, old, older

i tried to get all the state signs......but not.......

* * * 
and definately pulled over for this...

ha................they were closed...................

* * *

i think i have one last batch of pics to post..
memphis..beale street..

but right now i'm off to philly for
the 9th street market italtian festival !!

oh wait..did someone say
roadtrip !!??!!

* * *


Simply Bungalow said...

Great pictures. Looks like a fabulous trip!

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