24 May 2012

up on the roof..........

* * *
weekend in philly

it's always more fun to go to a show
with friends !!

krystal, tess and moi at my 
favorite philly dining spot

got scaffolding??

one of my favorite signs
we dont have these here in the 'burg

i've only seen them in new york and philly

we couldnt resist

after all we were playing

mucho history in old philadelphia

the show was crazy busy

so i got no shots other than my booth

(no complaints here)

saturday nite we hit the casino

both tess and krystal won,
but NOT me

(i did learn you are NOT
allowed to take pictures in a casino)

then after the show,
a great guy

told us all about how
'in philly...if you dont have a yard
you gotta have a roof'

 so of course we insisted he show us !

so how cool is this?

cool summer evenings..
awesome !

rich people rooftop

hot summer days

whooee !

poor people rooftop

and if you cant afford a deck..

just go for a ladder and some beach chairs !

even though the height made my belly
do flip flops

it was totally cool !

* * *

all in all a fabulous weekend !
thanks to all who came out and bought..
and thanks to krystal tess
(and lucy)
for the help and company !

* * * 

off to ohio for the first leg
of my 
memorial day buying spree

wish me luck !


hopeandjoyhome said...

Wow..so cool! You have been such a busy bee lately!I have always wanted to see Philly..so much history! Glad all went well!

Galliena said...

Indeed. Friends are that which makes our world go round. :) It seems Philadelphia has a lot of stone roofs. After all, stone roofs are a signature style of historic buildings. It can last for at least a century, and is repellent to weather conditions – rain, wind and extreme heat.

Galliena Gornet

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