05 July 2012

* * *

please go here and nominate my blog
juNxtaposition - trails and tribulations
our stories from the road
 for the
Blue Ribbon Blog Awards !!

country living has to know
that i have the 
photos of all their fairs !!
(right hand column - links)
and no one promotes them like i do ! 

so let them know...
* * * 
i entered in the lifestyle category
staing that my blog
shares the 'gypsy' lifestyle that i live !

so if you get a chance...

help a girl out...

nominate my blog !!!

thanks !


Whimsey Creations said...

I just did - and you are right. Like I told them if I hadn't gone to the Country Living Fair last year but had seen your blog afterwards, I surely would be going this year! Hope you win.

Sisters Treasures said...

I nominated you and gave you a great recommendation. I love your photos and insight to the shows and said so. I hope you win.

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

Good luck!

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