19 July 2012


* * *

roadtrip !!

heading to the 
this weekend
near buffalo, ny

i have never been to it before
so it's a new show for me

comes highly recommended
but has around 500 artists !!
so the competition is intense
when we were kids in school
we used to sing a song about
the 'erie canal'...
now i'll get to see it !

* * *

heading out friday morning
and hitting 
rogers flea
on the way

will be antiquing/junking all the way up north !

_ _ _

we've done this run before,
but are open to suggested stops..


* * *

will post about the show when i get back !!

happy trails !

* * *


Jane said...

Good luck at the show and have fun junking on the way up! And now I'm going to have the Erie Canal song in my head all day!!

oldgreymare said...

driving right past my brother Scott who lives in New Castle, who turned 60 today <3
have a good show

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