30 July 2012

jeanne d'arc living blow out !!

* * *




* * *

quick post to let you know
we are having a

"we need money to buy supplies for our huge upcoming shows"


no shame./..just truth here !!

* * *

we are offering
the latest issue of

jeanne d'arc living magazine

(no advertisements..only awesome nordicness)

for the low low low price of


including shipping...

what did she say..

$12 including shipping...

she must have lost her mind !!!

well..maybe just a little...

also with this madness..

if you purchase the latest issue,
and combine with any previous issue available..

you get a $4 refund for each older issue you buy

now is the time to start reading
jeanne d'arc living

you'll never turn back !!!

click here

check out our other wonderfuls while you're there !


Jill said...

Too good of a deal to pass up, I just ordered the current issue!

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