13 August 2012

running running running

* * * 

seems to be me lately

running running running

- - -

always running somewhere

nothing really to post, just going to throw out some pics
from my recent
goings on

heading to buffalo, ny 
for the 
canal fest

love hitting the road early

this guy was hanging out where we stopped for breakfast...

(i'm using this big white guy to connect to white wednesday this week
hop over and see what else is cookin') 

those are some mighty big shoes to fill...haha

this is what i like to see on the drive
i will stop just about anywhere that might have
some good 'junk'

love the things you see on the road that we dont see at home

but NOTHING for quite a while on this ride

bike nite when we got there

.erie canal.

lots and lots of people at this festival
but most came for the food

 picture i took that i liked

cool building 

they were making chicken right behind me...
of course i had to have some

the smell all day was insane !

 strange house we passed when our GPS got us lost

can you imagine them as neighbors? 

 early morning heading to rogers flea 
(every friday..lucky me)

lots of amish ...isnt this little one cute

they sell anything at rogers..

even surf boards when there is no water anywhere near here that you could surf in

look at these ladies hauling tires... !!
seriously you can buy ANYTHING at rogers
(even animals which you cant do in PA)

nice hair

awesome keys rack that i bought way long ago 
and when i went back to pick it up..
the guy was gone...
finally found him....... yeah !!

dont know what i'm gonna do with all these keys but i love them !!

very cool old check writer
too bad someone painted it...drat

during the last few months, i did the erie canal show, the south side works show,
and a bazaar bizarre show in cleveland...

whew !!
like i said, running running running

these pictures are from the washington antiques fair that is once a month here

they always have higher end cool stuff

this mixer is the one my mom had only white..
how great is this color?

look at this neat stroller...almost like todays kind !

massive clock

i want this !
would never fit up my steps

i know this is a mishmash of things
but this is my life !!

and now i'm trying to get ready for my fall shows..

 my line up is crazy..

country living - ohio
weekend in the country - michigan
ligonier days - pa
country living - georgia

these are my biggest shows so i make
mass quantities of jewelry
from now til the middle of september

(oh..but i do still go to my yurt then end of august)



oldgreymare said...

Hey there.. always enjoy seeing the colorful Pa landscape and people..and hearing towns and areas that were so familiar. Erie, ..vacationed in Canadota many summers..Ligonier, grew up in Latrobe...I can become so homesick... It's been far too long..

sunshyne_silverwear said...

LOVED these pictures!! and I definitely want that thingy with all of the drawers on it too!(no place to put it, but i love it!)

holli said...

Those are such great pictures. Your comments cracked me up (nice hair). I love the key rack and the last green stand with those drawers. sigh~ I live in Texas so a little far away. I love your blog and now a follower. Come follow me at www.hollishootsandhollers.blogspot.com

Wireless Dog Fencing said...

You have been in a very great places. The photos are wonderful.

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