20 August 2012

lucky us

* * *

i've told you before, 
how lucky we are here in the 'burgh

we have great flea markets right here - every saturday AND sunday

trader jack's in the south hills
and rossi's pop up in north versailles

if you are a facebook fan
you know i hit rogers in ohio
every friday if i can

* * *

we also are privy to monthly antique markets

hannastown anitque fair - second sunday 
bull creek fleatique - third sunday
and washington antique fair - last sunday

(well spring thru fall...we do have winter here folks)

* * 
this past weekend was bull creek

always great stuff at fantastic prices


i love being out so early that i am the only one on the road

love these old cribs..they make great rolling file storage for a shabby office !

art deco baby !

old chippy wood,
pastel color
win, win

great camper
awesome girls
retro goodies
another win win win

old hamper..
does anyone use these anymore
(i have a cool vintage one in my bedroom)
but most people have a laundry chute

happy customer...great lamp !

cubbies/drawers...always great

old homemade table
great color
perfect chippiness

way cool desk lamp
dont think i ever saw one with a clock in it !

do you remember these???
took me back to my childhood...

 window love

cool old industrial
dont make 'em like they used to !

proof that you can find just about anything at a fleatique

'reasonable'....hmmm...it's all relative.

and a great old out house..

what more could you want???

(well..maybe a flush toilet or 2)

check out this great old clock

synchronizes  different 'types' of time
normal, military..and another that i havent figured out yet.

anyway..it came home with me..

paid $30....with a little research...looks to be worth around $500
huge WIN !!!

ended up with 2 typewriters, massive quantities of silverware..as always,
a couple floor lamps,
2 of the giant dictionaries for my prints,
and vintage jewelry pieces for my pal lucy 
(who makes awesome reworked pieces from them)
and more i cant even remember at this point !
all my staples and some extras too !!

a great day i would say !!

* * *

working hard getting ready for the country living fair !!
hope you're going to join us....

* * *

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belmonili said...

we ARE lucky!

Jill said...

Great buy on the clock! And, I really loved the art deco table!!

Holy Craft said...

I would love to go shopping with you! While we have great garage sales around here, you do have to do some searching. I love the cubbie drawers that looked like an old card catalog. Swoon! Sounds like you got some scores. I picked up some old cigarette tins-6 of them for $5 total. Turns out each of them is worth around $50. Score!

Michelle Palmer said...

Oh to be a wee little mouse riding around in your pocket! Wonderful treasures~

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