28 September 2012


* * *

truck all packed again

getting ready to head out the door

makin' the trek to michigan

i've never been there so 
this is my virgin voyage

 we have been looking forward to this show

it is the inaugural event 
so we really dont know what to expect

but wow ! 
they have so much planned 

cari cucksey 
will be there 
(hgtv cash and cari show) 

will be nice to see her again !

green bubble gorgeous
will be there !
(in the meadow) 

bel moili 
will be there
(in the meadow) 

and of course...
will be there
(in the salvage yard)

i'm traveling with my buddy lucy
the truck is packed FULL
will all our goodies

the route is planned....

and we are ready to roll

if you're in the area
please stop by and say hello !


Kim said...

Have a great weekend and please take lots of pictures for those of us that are sitting at home.

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