01 October 2012

michigan roadtrip

 * * *


i love a roadtrip..

this weekend trip to michigan was
very fast though...

no time to see the sights..
just the show..

which...was...great !!

the venue was wonderful..
actually perfect for this type of show

 there was all different sections of the show
as it included crafts, antiques, diy stuff, art.....

i was in the 'salvage yard'

 here's my booth.....getting all my ducks tables in a row

 i was directly across from cari cucksey
(hgtv cash and cari)
which is never a bad thing !

bathtub chair ~ too cool
 here's an action shot of cari at work...haha

 * * *

 i was by myself at this one, 
so i didnt get away from my booth much at all

my new cashier sign

my bells.....the new 'hit' of my shows

 loved this shirt..

think this will be showing up 
on one of my dictionary prints soon 

soul garden

 a few random displays as i ran past them....



  * * *

 that's it....told you i didnt see much...

there are some more random photos on my facebook page if you're interested 

this really was a fabulous show,  i guarantee it will happen again next year,

stephanie and danielle from handcrafters unlimited
did a totally professional job 
with promotion and set up...and really just about everything !

 i'm sure they are feeling good today !
everyone loved it..

so if you missed it...

made sure you come next year !!



Jill said...

You go to the best shows!! It's fun to travel there vicariously!

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