17 February 2013

snow post

* * *

it's snowing here in the 'burg
(pittsburgh that is)

and how lucky am i 
that i live outside the city...

we have a little time before all that 'pretty' gets destroyed
by activity !!

here at the farmette..

everything looks so different covered in white !!

so clean

so fresh

just thought i'd share a little before the weather changes
and it's all green again
(although it couldnt come fast enough for me !)

deer have been all over my property..
everywhere i go i see deer tracks !

even my old shed looks cool in the snow

just so very peaceful isn't it?
and why does that snow just make it so very quiet ...ahhhh

i personally hibernate when it's like this..
i am not a fan..
but it sure does look pretty when it first falls !!!

but oh !! bring on the spring !!!

* * *

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Kim said...

I am enjoying the snow through your eyes! I love the farmette too.

belmonili said...

Wow, you got MUCH more snow than I did! Beautiful post...makes me want to get a sled and come running over.

Roeshel said...

it is pretty but I'm with you, hibernation. Have a great day! :)

Amy Crisman said...

This is what I love about winter and the snow!

Carol said...

It does look lovely, but....Spring is on my mind! Oh and I just added a wrap-around porch (in my mind) to your house! :) Get cozy and stay indoors!

oldgreymare said...

Oh how I miss days like that...sigh

Suzan Sweatman said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!
I love the old shed - what a wonderful old building with perfect patina!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

test for 'no-reply' comment

Designed Decor said...

Very pretty pictures! I am ready for the spring to be here in Ohio!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Wow! That is some amazing snow!!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures!


ColleenR said...

I don't comment on blogs much, but since you asked...I love yours as well as your Facebook page. I really like your style of writing & your art, you are like the fun artist friend I never had! I am over in northern Indiana where it is cold, snowy and flat so the pictures of the snowy hills of PA look pretty to me. Plus I am jonesing for a farmhouse so I am very envious of your farmette!

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