12 June 2013

can you top this?

* * *

i have had a booth at the
Country Living Magazine Fairs
for 5 years now

there is truly nothing that compares in my book

while stone mountain is awesome...running through the wooded setting,
and austin, was fun, but not a perfect fit,
columbus ohio has by far always been my favorite

gotta say....rhinebeck ny is in the running !!!

i'm going to take you along for the ride...
its looking like this will be at least a 4 post story..

the drive there was wonderful
the skies were blue the entire drive.
i took my granddaughter along for this one to help in the booth
and we shared the driving so we could each appreciate the beautiful scenery.
i had never been to this part of PA and was pleasantly surprised by the beauty 
(more on that later....)

thursday - set up day...the sun disappeared but our spirits were still high
to say i get excited before a show is an understatement

a country living show ~ and a show i've never done before
just ups the ante

we found the venue was only 12 minutes from the hotel ~ score

we traveled across the hudson
on this bridge that at just the right moment/angle gave you the feeling
you were just driving into the sky

the view...well you can see it for yourself...beautiful

then we rounded a corner..and look ~ a billboard for the show !!
one of the reasons i LOVE doing a Country Living Magazine Fair - 
the girls from stellashows...who run it for the magazine...they know their stuff !

as soon as i find the venue and see the Country Living Sign...
my hearts beats just a little bit faster 

shared from breida with a b.


you have to say, nobody does it quite as well as country living..
they are aces at using their surroundings and giving it the feel of the magazine !

i found my space..and i absolutely couldnt believe how well they treated me this year...
it was so much more than i expected !
(more on that later)

i got set up and then went for my walk..
mostly this is when i get to see the fair..

for the rest of the weekend,
i'm in my booth...

(so please remember, in my pics, people are still setting up
so if you see any packing materials and such..that is why)

rough and tumble vintage

below a new friend Heidi of HiHo Home i met online just prior to the show..
wow...i didnt realize what a big deal she was until i say her booth !!
the girl has design skills !!

HiHo home

  check out this wild piece Cari (Cucksey) brought

later it was filled with jewelry,
but i liked it just like this !!!

my friend Krystal of Green Bubble Gorgeous
pulled out all the stops..
her booth was a-mazing !
Green Bubble Gorgeous

bel monili
 and feast your eyes on the creations of by bestie bel monili

by the end of the fair, 
it had all gone home with lucky shoppers 

well . . . of course !

bel monili

bel monili

the duchess country fair grounds
were beautifully landscaped

country living couldnt have designed it better
as a backdrop for their fair !

berries in the meadow

berries in the meadow have always been a favorite of mine
since we were booth neighbors at my very first country living fair

the entire family helps in the making of  their designs

wow...just look at all that work  - and how freakin' adorable !
(and they too were fairly empty by the end on the show)

berries in the meadow

berries in the meadow

twist style

you still there ??

it was a LOT of walking..

but oh so worth it...
stick around...so much more to see

repurpose shop
Cari brought every chair in michigan with her...lol
and had them all painted in a lovely shade of turquoise !!
what a display !

repurpose shop



above..that was a GIANT birdhouse...how cool is that ?

below i got to see my friend Marlene's (of La Bonne Vi) booth all set up ..
.  .  .  good thing, 

because i'm sure it was empty by the end of the show !

la  bonne vi designs

south porch antiques
 then i came across my booth neighbor from atlanta
one of my very favorite country living fair vendors !

south porch antiques

south porch antiques

i always seem to love EVERYTHING
in their booth !
and this year .... same as always...

south porch antiques

south porch antiques

south porch antiques

this is a booth called Yes Antiques..
no website, 
but they pride themselves in sticking to true antiques..no repros or fillers here !

yes antiques

that was just day 1...lol..
more more more to come...
stay tuned..check back...

and if you enjoy seeing our pics, please leave a comment and let me know.

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(if you any of these pics are of your booth and i didnt tag you,
please, please let me know..
i see so much, i cant remember it all !)


La Bonne Vie Designs said...

As always, Jeannie, love your blog & photos!!!

Liz Dujka said...

Loved everything!! Can't wait for Columbus. ♥

Kim said...

I have been waiting to hear all about the show. I am holding my breath to see the rest. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Frances Millet said...

I enjoyed your blog post! It was a wonderful show! I posted on my blog as well! http://www.maryfrancesmillet.com

bess said...

Hey! Who makes those feed sack bags? I love them!

Carole said...

Well that was fun. Z sent me the link as I told her I missed out on going with friends. They went on Friday when it rained buckets.
I loved everything but that birdhouse and those topiaries were high on the list.

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