14 June 2013

come walk with me

* * *

too many pictures for just one post..

come walk with me some more through the
country living fair
in Rhinebeck ny !!

yeah folks...that's a line to get in !!

after friday's all day downpour
saturday was looking up 

can you believe this line ?? 
yep...the country living fair is THAT good !

still cloudy, but at least it wasnt raining !

these pictures really need no cometary, 
just pretend you are walking along with me

most of these are from my friends at

they always have a fantastic booth !

holy suitcases batman !!

and the woman is well known for her flash card stash

a lot of people decorated the outside of their booths too
so when you were walking between the barns there was 
something to enjoy

above & below is some of the glorious stash of

her design choices just cant be beat ! 

always have to get the mirror shot
(hate having my pic taken....this way is fine with me...)

more south porch antiques
just because i can never get enough of them !

that's pretty much it from the show..
i never get as many pics as i like...and this year with the rain
and the wonderful crowds which kept me in my booth,
i was not up to my usual standard..
but i think you get a feel for the show...
here's a copy of the map..so you get an idea of  the layout !

i have 2 more posts coming...

one a travel (i know...boring !)

and one of all the fabulous people i had the pleasure of meeting at the show...

( and again...if any of these shots are of YOUR booth, 
 let me know and i'll tag you in it ! )

and as always, please ~ please  leave a comment ......... thanks


Lady of the Woods said...

Thank you for that tour :D. I don't get to go out much anymore and I miss going to fairs and such, this was a treat.!

Jill said...

Looks like another wonderful show!!

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