16 June 2013

the people you meet

* * *
(please pardon my name dropping)

one of the very best parts of doing what i do
is the people i travel with and the new friends 
that we get to meet along the road

the country living fairs
never disappoint on this front ! 

first off, this year i brought along my granddaughter star
to help with the driving and working the booth

 making memories is the best

and i get to hang out with my bestie lucy from bel monili
we make sure to get our spaces next to each other
and create one very large presence...
you know. . . 'cause we think we are so awesome, 
we need everyone else to know how awesome we are too...
(insert sarcasm here)

 hahahaha .... dont laugh too hard

  * * *

this year our hometalk group was 
having a hometalk meetup
and a meet and greet with sarah gray miller
editor of country living magazine.

i was not going to be able to attend
since i pretty much cant leave my booth during a show,
so wasnt it a wonderful surprise that she passed
right by my booth while i was setting up !!
after doing 8 previous fairs for country living
i have never had the pleasure of meeting sarah !
she is as lovely as she seems..
and was in no hurry so we chatted for quite a while
and it made my day to now be able to say
my 'friend' sarah...lol 

* * *

i also met michelle... the asst web editor but sorry no pic...
she's a doll and between her and 
rachel the web editor  (who i saw but didnt actually get to meet..yet...)
they are the girls who consistently recognize lucy and my
flea market skills !!
they have posted our flea finds on the site many time now 
in the flea market haul section !


after set up...tired, hot and hungry
we ran into some of our friends that
we never get to see except at fairs 
and went to a wonderful little diner across from the 
fairgrounds and had dinner !

my great friend krystal ... who had the audactity to move 4 hours away from us....
from green bubble gorgeous...and her friend megan,
bobby boyd ..of bobby boyd designs another 'show guy' who we met last year in texas, 

joanne palmisano who i had only previously spoken to online
who claimed she was 'joanne from vermont' ..haha..
she is well known author of 'Salvage Secrets'

and we're always happy when cari, vince and 'family' 
are doing the same shows we are
since, again...that's about the only time we get to see them all
(cari of hgtv's 'cash and cari'
and owner of re.purpose)

and always up for fun...haas and his sweet wife sydnee

* * *

second day of the show, we met
christina of No. 29 design 
another hometalk girl
who again..we have never met in person !!
(isnt the internet amazing...
to make such wonderful friends and then to meet them in person !)

she was such a sweetheart and we all went to dinner 
-again over at the diner...because the food was sooo good !

she just had her basement remodel featured on houzz
major coup in the diy world
congrats to her ! 

* * *

all the hometalk girls came on sunday,
but we basically missed most of them..
we did catch up with a few that we actually 
has met in person at the luckett's show last month

and breida  from breida with a b
and evy of eveys creations
(who i apparently dont have a picture of)

* * *

during the show,
there was this long... long...long
line forming directly behind our booth..
turns out the fabulous beekman boys 
(Two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, neighbor by neighbor.)
were doing a meet and greet right there... !!

so of course...if you know lucy and i at all, 
we high tailed it over there to get a picture with them !!
(we arent ones to let opportunity pass us by !)

 josh and brent were adorable as expected..
and since we waited til the crowd was gone
we actually got to talk with them for a bit...

hoping to be able to attend their harvest festival in the fall ! 

* * *

well....that's all i got photos of..

we are always happy when we get to see our other show friends...

marlene and glenn of la bonne vie designs
hillery, ben and heath from FOLK magazine

there are so very many more...

and of course the customers we meet 
are the true highlight 
of doing shows !!

i love talking to people
(if you've ever met me ...you know that talking IS my strong point)
and i love hearing all their stories !!!

it's a circus folks, but we love it !!!

til next time.............


La Bonne Vie Designs said...

Nice to see you, Jeanne! You always have the best pics of the show!! Looking forward to Columbus & Atlanta!!!

Linda Lindley said...

Thanks for all the great posts on the shows I can never get to! I'm so looking forward to meeting you and Lucy at Bella Rustica! It's gonna be here before you know it!

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