28 June 2013

7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 1

* * * 

* * * well... we have finally returned from the great adventure * * *

7 days, 7 states, and probably 7 posts to show you it all

while on our way to the Vintage Bazaar in MA

we decided to make a small vaca out of the trip

but as it turns out....
we apparently pack a trip the same way we pack a truck !
filling every last space..er.. moment !

day one

we wanted to get some miles under our belt...
so we put the pedal to the medal and aimed to reach CT by nightfall..

so truck along we did...
til time to fill up..

popped off the pike and lo and behold 
a FULL SERVICE gas station !!!

havent seen one of those in YEARS !!

(since we posted the pic on facebook, 
it has come to our attention, that apparently many of them still exsit...
but not in our neck of the woods folks !)

funny guy did pump it for us...
but wouldnt let us take his picture...
he didnt want to be on 'that internet thing'

anyway..the town looked intriguing..
so we asked if there were any 'antique' shops in town..
were told yes...so we ventured in..

frackville...the name itself is interesting.

this place was right next to the gas station...
cant remember exactly what it was called..
granny's something..

just loved the turquoise door and blinds and trim...
and the strange statue.... note the doll with no head ?

what's up with that ??
s t r a n g e

on we went into the town...

we stopped at what we can only assume 
our gas pumper called an 'antique' store..haha
it was a little thrift shop...

actually got some cool old house numbers
for a ridiculous price

then off we went to explore the town...

or i should say the town the time forgot...

perhaps  . . . the first lap top

actually..it's probably worth some money now !
should have found the owner..we could have ebay'd it !

it was very cool, yet sad at the same time..
lots of lost time here....

and last, but certainly not least..

of course i loved the turquoise, but what i liked best was the 'modern'

it really did feel like stepping back in time just a bit....

off down the road...

some random pics..

in Pennsylvania, you really do cut right through the mountains !

 on the road again..
we did find a great antique mall.
(pocono peddlers antique mall)

i found a typewriter and just about freaked the owners out
when i asked if i could leave the 'carcass' there..

(no room in the truck for typewriters..
brought my key removal tool with me...)

 a short trip down the highway  (tannersville, PA) brought these pics....
i was just looking for photo ops...and this is what i found

 sorry, but all these donation boxes is a field just stuck me as odd

below - seriously ... do you think there was video surveillance here ??

' we brake for boots' ~ always

i made Lucy stop and i ran across the highway for this shot...
i thought it was the coolest little house...

turned out it was just a garage.... oh well...i still like my pics ... 
it was worth crossing the highway for

scenery shot...
note the orange circle in this pic....strangely more on that later...

this is how you get those great shots..
you just jump right up in there !


new york ... yea !!

tappan zee bridge...
yeah.....that's what you cal a  -  l o n g  -  bridge

remember .... the goal was to hit Connecticut by nightfall 

and see the beach before sunset.........

accomplished !!!

hope you are enjoying the trip
stay tuned for day 2

* * *

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Funky Junk Interiors said...

That was FUN!!! But the missing doll head... LOL I laughed through this whole post. You guys would be a blast to travel with!

oldgreymare said...

Just read your article in FOlK..congrats! I get so homesick when I read your PA posts and see things that remind me of my youth..: (

BarefootPandas said...

Love the first blog about the trip. You sure jam packed the first day. If you ever want to come out and go junking in the Allentown/Poconos area again, let me know. I'd be happy to show you around. Also, I proudly wore my license plate/truck charm/key necklace yesterday. Love it!

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