01 July 2013

7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 2

* * *

day 2 
was more of a vaca day

i'm apologizing up front for the
boring slide show ...

massive scrap pile.......:(

antiquing interspersed . . . of course

strange visit to a psychic

i am definitely NOT the 
'go to a psychic' type 

but ...we headed for this shop anyway,
just to check it out

the freaky thing was ..

the first thing this woman did was
grab my arm and say
"you have orbs in your pictures"

say what ????

i had no idea what she was talking about..
she went on to say ..that she see orbs (or circles )
in my digital photos

remember my pics from just the day before ?

that had never happened to me before in my pics
so of course i found that odd..

she claims it is spirits showing themselves..
hey who knows ??

she told me to blow it up and see what i could see

i see a heart
(cause i want to)

dont judge me...

 we did both get a reading...
Lucy got a nice long one and she was quite pleased,

then me...
this lady knew so much about me it was frightening !

i only once prior had a reading done 
and that lady asked a million questions
and then fed you info around those questions

this lady....didnt ask a thing...
i never said a word...

the things she knew creeped me out...
i had to leave...

so all i can say is..
if you want a true reading
this is the place to go.

awesome house along the way
yep...just takin' you down the road with us....

then back on the road again .

i love when it feels like you are just gonna drive off the end of the earth 

and i always have to have a bridge shot

another antique shop

toss in a little history for good measure . . .

'my' bait shop
(if you didnt know...my last name - cherry)

we had one of these old fire alarm boxes on  tghe pole in front of our house when i was growing up
and i didnt know anyone still used them !!

loved it...brought back so many memories

the 'big boys' in our neighborhood used to pull it and all the fire trucks would come...
(firemen do NOT like false alarms !)

old coolness

isnt this awesome ?
i love it !!! 

 settled in for the night outside salem...

ready for a witch hunt

that's for day 3 !


Diane in the Valley said...

Hey Junx, looks like you had a LOT of fun! Hope you did well. My husband is from MA, and I love going north, especially for the lobster rolls.

belmonili said...

Beautiful pics! Such a great time...

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